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How about a school trip to New Zealand?

New Zealand ranked 1st out of 149 Countries”  Global Peace Index
"New Zealand ranked 1st equal out of 178 countries as the least corrupt country in the world" - Transparency International

The undisputed ‘Adventure Capital of the World’, New Zealand provides a safe, spectacular and exciting setting for any school trip. With dynamic landscapes and friendly people, New Zealand will provide the ultimate location for your school group trip to learn first hand about science and geography. Combine these with cultural, adventure and sight-seeing activities, perhaps a New Zealand school visit or skiing and snowboarding, and your students will have the experience of a lifetime!

Learning Journeys have been specialist providers of educational tours to students from both New Zealand and elsewhere for 13 years now. We tailor each trip to the needs and budget of the group involved, taking care of everything you need from the moment we collect you from the airport until we see you back through the departure gate.  ensure your school trip is full of fantastic memories and absolutely hassle free!


Cross-curricular Learning Journey

Cross-curricular Learning Journey with school visit and community service

10 days, 9 nights divided between New Zealand’s two islands, focusing on cultural experiences in the North and the natural world in the South.

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Australia - New Zealand Learning Journey

Australia - New Zealand Learning Journey

The ultimate Australasian educational tour: make the most of your time in the South Pacific and enjoy these widely contrasting destinations.

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science, geography and school visits

Primary school Learning Journey science, geography and school visits

7 days, 6 nights in the North Island including two days in a New Zealand primary school

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Science and Geography Learning Journey

Science and Geography Learning Journey

10 days, 9 nights divided between New Zealand’s two islands, focusing on cultural experiences in the North and the natural world in the South.

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Geography Learning Journey

Geography Learning Journey

6 days, 5 nights in the North Island, an ideal venue for field work supporting classroom learning

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Parent and Child Learning Journey

Parent and Child Learning Journey

10 days 9 nights Travel and learn with your child in a safe, stunning natural environment

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Earth and Environmental Science

Earth and Environmental Science

11 days, 10 nights in the North Island. Geology, ecology and adventure

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Food and beverage

Food and beverage

6 days, 5 nights in the North Island. Visit the farms, taste the produce, enjoy the hospitality of the producers

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Skiing and Adventure

Skiing and Adventure

9 days, 8 nights, mostly in Queenstown, South Island but with a flying visit to highlights of the North Island: Rotorua and Auckland

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New Zealand Flora and Fauna

New Zealand Flora and Fauna

7 days, 6 nights in the North Island visiting some of New Zealand’s most iconic sites

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  1. Making Booking Easier

    Making Booking Easier

    We recognise the level of commitment and the hours of work involved in planning, organising and taking a group of young pupils or older students away on an educational visit. 

    That’s why our aim at Learning Journeys  is to provide you with the very best service available, to make your life as easy as possible. 

    In this section of our website, we’ve included lots of information we think you will find useful when planning your next trip. If you have any questions at all about please contact our friendly and helpful team. 
    So firstly, where exactly is New Zealand, how big is it and how do you get there? Some basic
     facts about New Zealand. 
    Before you decide to request a quote, you need to do some basic planning and make some decisions, then... Getting the Best Quote
    Finally you know when you want to come to New Zealand, what you want to do and who's coming with you... Booking your Trip  

    Contact us - Student tours to New Zealand

  2. New Zealand - Basic Facts

    New Zealand - Basic Facts

    A brief overview for visitors

    Getting there – New Zealand has excellent connections to the rest of the world with many major airlines providing direct or code share services (including Air New Zealand, British Airways, Qantas, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Air Canada, Continental, United, American Airlines). Most of these flights terminate in Auckland but some connect to Wellington and Christchurch

    Getting around – New Zealand is about the size of Great Britain (though it only has about 4 million people) so distances must be considered when planning your trip. The country has two main islands, the North and the South Island. The largest city, Auckland is in the north of the North Island, and Wellington, the capital is in the south of the North Island. Christchurch which is about the same size as Wellington is about a third of the way down the east coast of the South Island.

    Both islands have an excellent road network and most travel between towns is by coach. Air New Zealand provides a regional air service linking most provincial centres. There is also a ferry service between the Wellington and Picton (at the top of the South Island).

    Medical facilities and emergency help – All main centres have excellent hospitals and emergency facilities. For serious conditions, patients are likely to be transferred by road or air to the larger hospitals in the main centres. All medical care as a result of an accident is covered by ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) but you are strongly recommended to take out travel insurance.

    Safety – By international standards New Zealand is a safe country to travel in. There is of course crime, like any place in the world and it is important to look after valuables, especially in hostel type accommodation. The country side is very safe as there are no dangerous animals such as snakes.

    Climate – New Zealand is a long skinny country with the Pacific to the east, the Tasman Sea and Indian Ocean to the west, the Antarctic Ocean south and the Coral Seas some way north. The climate is generally temperate and mild, with winters in the South Island generally being colder than in the North Island. Citrus fruit and grapes are grown on both Islands, and both Islands have glaciers. Summers are very pleasant and the winters provide ample opportunities for skiing on both islands.

    Population – There are just over 4 million people in New Zealand and of these about 3.2 million live in the North Island, mostly from the Central North Island north to Auckland. Of the 900,000 who live in the South Island, almost half of them live in the Christchurch area. 

  3. Getting the Best Quote

    All you need to do to get a quote for your group is 
    Contact us today

    We are experts in educational group travel and confident that you’ll find our service and our prices hard to beat! We are also Qualmarked and a member on ITOC (Inbound Tour Operators Council)

    If you haven’t yet decided on exactly what you want to do or achieve whilst you are visiting New Zealand, talk to us first. We’ll help you consider the alternatives, give useful advice and compare likely costs, so you can make an informed decision. 

    Help us to help you! Student tours to New Zealand - Mirror Lake, South Island Here’s some pointers on what information to have at hand when making your enquiry; 
    Preferred trip (if known)
    Preferred departure dates and duration
    Likely group size    
    Approximate ages of the group
    Purpose of your visit including subject focus.
    Date when you aim to get approval for your visit
    Approximate date when you want to start promoting to your students
    These will help us better meet your needs and speed up the process to getting you just what you want for your group. 

    A little flexibility can save £$£’s 
    If you’re at all flexible with your travel dates, you could save your pupils £$£’s on the cost of their visit. Depending on your destination and time of year, moving your travel dates to a different week, or in some cases by a day or two, can reduce the cost of the different components that make up your overall trip. 

    Please ask us for advice and details on how we can help you. 

  4. Booking Your Trip

    Booking Your Trip

    Quick Guide 

    Booking with Learning Journeys is easy and hassle free. 

    We are with you every step of the way, providing advice and making all necessary arrangements whilst you are in New Zealand

    1. Get Your Quote 
    Please contact us initially using our contact form and we will then get back to you to discuss your requirements. We will then send you a full quote to consider plus lots of useful information on arranging your group visit. 

    2. Make a Provisional Reservation 
    Once you’re happy with an agreed itinerary and without any obligation on your part, we will create a provisional reservation for your group. This means we will hold all necessary transport and accommodation giving you time to promote the trip, firm up on actual numbers and collect deposits. 

    3. Confirm the Booking 
    When you’re ready to commit, you send us your booking form and deposit of 25% for the group. We will confirm all arrangements back to you. In liaison with you, we will book and arrange every aspect of your itinerary in as little or as much detail as you wish. You will also receive a payment schedule for the remaining balance. 

    4. Final Payments 
    The final balance is due 30 days prior to your arrival in New Zealand.